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Media Irony?

May 6th, 2013 at 5:33 pm by Mark
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In this perfect example of irony in Media, you just know the driver will be fired.

Newpaper Delivery Irony: "The Republican: Where the News Hits Home"

Traffic Fatality Scorecard

April 29th, 2013 at 5:04 pm by Mark
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All I can say is, this driver has missed ample opportunities to collect scores for Slow Children, especially considering they put up signs to alert him of their presence… If you are getting a new car and need to go through the registration process, there is a lot of info here that will certainly help you out. The best way to get cash for your car in del mar is working with these folks. They are super friendly and have your best interest in mind when it comes to getting a good value for your car. You can also have an option on car wraps, just visit here to learn more. Talk to a red light ticket lawyer if you violated the speed limit or went at the red light.

Motorcycles: 5  Elderly: 3  Bicycles: 7  Handicapped: 2  Cars: 1.  Stay Away from This Guy!


Irresponsible Constipation

October 12th, 2007 at 1:37 am by Zacque
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On the way back, from out the woods, all of a sudden the traffic came to a stand still.  For a second I thought I had given way to shock and was in need medical attention because this is Maryville, Tennessee. This is a town that is maybe three times the size of Stockbridge, Massachusetts, it seemed a bit excessive to require four police cars and one tow truck at the “scene of the crime.” 

After all it was just a routine case of dented rear (end) syndrome.  One idiot/person liked the other person’s butt a little too much and would have no long distance relationship. For this driver, he wanted that butt just like a babyboomer to coke: “ITS MINE!!! I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!”  A moment of pure obsessive madness.

The larger problem is the inability of said law enforcement to correctly assist in navigating around such a traffic fiasco.  No, instead said officer motioned as if I was to stop my motor vehicle.  What he then failed to do was request that I drive around said incident while he walked past me. 

This was not a case of American blind justice, just sheer irreverence for having a decent work ethic.  After all aren’t public servants supposed to perform their tasks to the best of their ability no matter how irksome? Or, in the midst of other current events, have the law enforcement officials in Maryville be taking notes from the Knox County Commision?  Only time will tell…

Emergency Codes

March 22nd, 2007 at 1:06 pm by Zacque
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Now it is quite simple to figure out what is going on in case of emergency by knowing a series of little codes. I remembered this while I was at one of my contracts as a “Code Blue”, warning was issued over the public address system. A code blue is a BOMB threat. I lost about two and half, if not three, hours of my day where I could have been doing something useful. Unfortunately, I had to wait anyway; I couldn’t leave without my equipment. 

To my surprise, the bomb was really just a hoax and did not go off and reduce my equipment and the building to mere rubble. Instead, the Chattanooga Bomb Squad destroyed the “object.”

I am glad I remembered the meaning since the a majority of the staff did not, though the codes are mentioned in the required the Universal Precautions Safety Course for school staff. Going back through the materials of the course myself, I feel the need to mention some of the other codes: White = Accident, Red = Fire, Black = Inclement Weather, Green = Hostage, Orange = Chemical Spill, ADAM = Missing Child, Brown = Shooting.

Looking at these codes I can’t help but think that for the most part these codes where put together to keep the general public from going into a panic. I can’t help but to think that a few of these are a little redundant. Couldn’t a shooting, fire, chemical spill also be an accident? I realize that the other modifier might weigh a little more, but wouldn’t it also be nice to know that Bob the hunter shot the clerk because the clerk was too stupid to realize a shell was in the shotgun Bob was “testing out,” or the building was about to burn down because little Johnny Pyro lit the trash on fire emptying the ashtray in the smokers lounge?

Hmm, fire, that brings up another good point: what do you call over the public address if there is a multiple chemical spill which combusts? Better yet what code do you call if someone doesn’t pay attention and throws empty chemical containers in a trash compactor and the containers combust? What then, why even bother with the codes since the meaning should be common knowledge. Why hide the truth? After all, with a little research you can find just about anything.

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Tough Kid

January 22nd, 2007 at 3:54 am by Mark
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Parents are frequently reminded about how resilient their kids are despite seeming so fragile.  I’m sure one friend of ours is thankful how tough hers are.
On Friday night, her son, daughter and a friend of theirs were in a pretty horrible car accident.

Considering that California accounts for 11 percent of auto accidents in the nation, these people got off pretty easy. The son and the friend are both in clear, and already out of the hospital — concussions, internal bleeding and broken bones, and already out.
Her 15-year-old daughter, however, wasn’t quite that lucky.

Above and beyond being bounced around and getting a few nasty bruises, scrapes, gashes and broken bones, she ended up being impaled on the car’s gearshift.
According to a Paramedic on the scene, she wasn’t taking her predicament lightly.  Though they were attempting to help her, she was dead set on kicking their butts when they tried to move her — so much so that she had to be sedated before being removed from the vehicle and flown to the Hospital.

She’s going into a surgery in a few hours to repair her broken spine. This spine surgeon is the one who is going to operate on her and get her back on her feet.

But even with injuries like that, she’s still been moving her hands and feet.  For that matter, she’s been writing notes telling people what she needs.

That’s a helluva tough kid, and I have no doubt she’ll pull through with unbelievable speed.
She’s a Pirate’s kid — these things happen.

But at the same time, a little but if prayer never hurts.