Train Wreck on the Horizon

May 24th, 2007 at 12:54 pm by Diva
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Dear Lord. Won’t it ever go away? What did we do to deserve more drama out of the Anna Nicole family?

Finally, Vergie Arthur *cringe* has quieted down. Finally, Howard K. Stern appears to have went in to relax mode. Nobody has tried to dig her up. There are no more wannabe daddies coming out of the woodwork. Seemed like the train wreck was just about cleaned up and we could all just go on with our lives……

Until 5 minutes ago.

Now it seems Anna’s freak step-sister, Donna Hogan, the author of the much acclaimed biography about Anna Nicole, Train Wreck, is gonna try to step into Anna’s life and live it. Chick is gonna get a new set of boobs and bleach her hair. She’s icky, and borderline scary.

Get this. She’s gonna get the new rack and go try to screw her way into Playboy… *cringe again*.

Wonder how long it’ll be before Howard K. moves in on her? At least she’s got the book profits… that dork doesn’t even have a job now.

For real, the last thing I want to hear on the news everyday is all the crazy shit this broad is gonna do to try and drum up some (apparently much needed) attention. Yup, I could live a thousand lives and be happy never to here any of this crap about Anna Nicole and her screwed up family/friends again.

On second thought, maybe I should start a cause….  Donations accepted for Diva’s boob job and other minor plastic surgeries in an effort to beat that freak skank to the punch.  We’ll call it the “Make Diva Famous Fund”.

Mark, you’re in charge of passin the collection plate, pal!


3 Responses to “Train Wreck on the Horizon”

  1. Zacque Says:

    So have you put together a paypal donation yet? I think it should be a viable tax deduction myself. After all doesn’t it fall under the helping an underpriveleged Diva recieve national recognition clause in the tax code somewhere? If not there should be a clause created to do just such a thing. The IRS could call it the “De-skank the Famous Wenches of the World” Clause.

  2. Mark Says:


    “What do you get when you give eight idiots a blog?! Our Donations fund will be used for the purposes of offsetting the cost of our mental health care, purchasing Senators and Legislators as necessary, Legal representation should the occasion arise, forthcoming political campaigns of any of our writers, and miscellaneous day-to-day fees which may or may not include the following: alcohol, breast augmentation, nicotine, liposuction, caffeine, plastic squirrels, sex toys & tabloids.”

  3. Kevin Scott Says:


    I think I’ll step into her life as well. Why can’t I bleach my hair and get a boob job? Well, maybe my wife wouldn’t like it. (Then again, maybe she would which would be really creepy…)

    Good article.


    The check’s in the mail. Really. It’s on its way. Probably get to you Tuesday unless those damn postal people screw up again. Be waiting for it.