June Blogfest: And a Good Time Was Had By All

June 10th, 2007 at 10:29 am by Mark
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     I arrived at Bailey’s just after 6PM to find Doug McCaughan (of Reality Me!) pulling in at the same time with his son Tommy.   We entered to find Michael Silence (No Silence Here) and Mushy (Mushy’s Moochings and others).
     Over the next few minutes, Tish (The Kat House), Rich Halley (Shots Across the Bow), Les Jones (lesjones.com) and Lissa Kay (Oh… Really?) showed up.

     A little later, the last of us headed to Oak Ridge to see The Atomic Horns at the Eagle’s Club — featuring none other than Barry (Inn of the Last Home) on keyboards.  There aren’t many “full bands” around the area these days, and these guys & gals were really fun — a mixture of soul, rock, disco and funk from the previous thirty years.  The ode to the Blues Brothers was hilarious.  😉

Mushy Smoochings?

     Here’s a photo of Tish from The Kat House and Mushy from Mushy’s Moochings, standing there side-by-side, as if they were a couple or something.

     Notably absent: Diva, who messaged me at 11:21PM to ask whether or not these people really existed.  LOL


10 Responses to “June Blogfest: And a Good Time Was Had By All”

  1. Tish Says:


    I had a great time, Mark! We should all do it again soon.

    And *shhh* about me and Mushy…;)

  2. Reality Me » And then there was Blogfest! Says:

    […] LissaKay (she impressed me with her semantics), The Kat House (also great pictures in her review), Blogitude (another great picture..beginning to think the camera phone isn’t sufficient!), No Silence […]

  3. Mushy Says:

    Yeah, that’s not for public consumption yet!

    Really glad we got together (again). It will make your posts much more interesting – not that they weren’t, but you know what I mean!

  4. Doug McCaughan Says:

    Great night Mark! I got that feeling about Tish and Mushy too. And Diva! “Do we really exist?” That’s funny!

  5. LissaKay Says:

    Yes, I’m late making the after-blogfest rounds … been out in God’s country all day. *grins* But it was good to see you again, even if you are a curious little nosy-body.

  6. Mark Says:

    No, I’m an astute observer. Nothing more. The question I posed was a statement of that fact, since I didn’t expect a response. Thpft. 😉

  7. Zacque Says:

    Well, heck… Mark, I think your astute observations are rather funny. I really would like to have been there. Instead I did the same thing, drank beer, talked about stuff, but I stayed in the comfort of my office… It kinda reminds me of election day… but that is a different story.

  8. Diva Says:

    I’m at a loss for words here. I got both a txt & vm message from ya, even though it was Sunday morning before I got it.

    I’m trying really hard to convince myself that there is absolutely no way you could ever change your voice so drastically in regards to the voice mail. I mean , dang buddy, that was pretty good.

    And furthermore, as far as the contents of said messages, I’m still one of those that ends up believing after seeing….. Hello, Wednesday night is no time for a nap!

    Diva is flattered that anybody would consider her absence notable.

  9. Barry Says:

    Thank you, Mark!!!

  10. Diva Says:

    I stand corrected. Proof noted.