Al Gore’s Son Inhales

July 5th, 2007 at 11:28 pm by Mark
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In a surprise move yesterday, July 4th, 2007, 24-year-old Al Gore III proved that he’s more honest than his father, Al Gore, Jr.  Apparently excercising his own form of “independence,” the privileged pothead was pulled over and arrested for driving more than 100mph, and for possession of Marijuana and a number of other drugs… While high…It could have not just lead to him being hurt but also could be the end to the other drivers near him. Click here to read more if you want to know what to do after such reckless drivers cause an accident.
The Al Gore, Jr., camp quickly came to the rescue, offering the explanation that the entire thing is a pubilicity stunt to show people that the hybrid-electric Toyota Prius can be driven at excessive speeds, therefore making it a reliable and viable alternative to traditional gasoline-powered combustion engines, all the while getting 55mpg.

Apparently, Al Gore, Jr., thinks the rest of us are as full of shit as he is.

It’s also worth noting the fact that a 1981 Subaru 1600DL would get 52mpg, and the 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier with the 1.8 OHC would get 49mpg, without all the excess hybridization… Those are actual mileages from real-time, personal experience.
Instead of burning a little gas, Al Gore would have us all drive cars which are put together with numerous refined gases and petrochemical products.  This, of course, shows a need for more petrochemical refineries and plastic manufacturing plants, in addition to the astounding increase in global energy usage to manufacture things “a new way.”
So, ummm, isn’t that certainly worse for emissions than a few more gas-guzzling SUV’s…?  All so that we can add a measly 5-8mpg?
Am I missing something, or does the math not work?  Shouldn’t we be doing better?

Can you say Voodoo Economics, boys and girls?

I knew you could.

Tip: Les Jones at his new blog, Rock Stars Against Live Earth.

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6 Responses to “Al Gore’s Son Inhales”

  1. Monty Says:

    Dude, I don’t think you understand what a Hybrid is. It runs on regular gas, but the gas engine charges the batteries of the elecric engine and that electric engine helps run the car. No special gas and it uses less gas than a normal car.

    A Citreon DC will get a lot better mileage than all that, but Americans aren’t ready for that type of car. Plus, if we all lived in the plains of Kansas, our 1981 Volvo might get better mileage too. But, we’re hillbillies. Our Chevy Malibus won’t get near that.

  2. Mark Says:

    I perfectly understand what a Hybrid is.

    Electricity is overwhelmingly produced by burning MORE FOSSIL FUELS. Plastics are manufactured by burning MORE FOSSIL FUELS. Batteries are manufactured by burning MORE FOSSIL FUELS. Battery waste is also an ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARD.

    So instead of burning a little more gas, and cutting down on emissions, we’re increasing emissions and adding yet another environmental hazard.

    Logic, anyone?

  3. Mushy Says:

    Whatever you’re burning, you’re hitting on all cylinders Mark!

    Sure hope he don’t run and embarrass us Tennesseans any more!

  4. Monty Says:

    No, the cars engine produces electricity. They all do. We just use it to run the alternator in most cars. In a hybrid, it charges batteries than runthe car itself.

    You use fossil fuesl to make cars now. So what? Don’t make hybrids becaues it uses fossil fuels? That is senseless. Don’t make gas fueled cars because that uses fossil fuels too.

    Betteries are recycleable. There has been a hybrid car battery recycle center in the US since the very first one was sold here. You don’t throw them in the landfill, you turn them back into running cars.

  5. Diva Says:

    Just a note on the lighter side: Diva would inhale whilst tooling about in her sorry little pinto.

  6. Phillip Says:

    Watch Al Gore freak out at the Live Earth Concert.