A Man and His Bitch

November 16th, 2007 at 1:47 pm by Mark
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     When Diva and Tony tied the knot in September, I couldn’t help but remark at the one photo which really stood out:

Diva & Tony

     “…from the looks of it, Tony is actually able to handle her.”

     But this post has absolutely nothing to do with that.


     Other than a wedding.

     Earlier this week in India, a deeply superstitious farmhand was married, as well.  In fact, Mr. P. Selvakumar has finally found his perfect bitch.

Copyright © 2007 Associated Press

     He says he was “cursed” after killing a couple of canines, and hopes this action will help lift it.

     Me, I’ll just sit back and laugh with a Top 10 list:

  1. She’s on his crotch as soon as he walks in the door!
  2. She can smell a rat a mile away!
  3. He really keeps her on a short leash…
  4. When she gets pissed, she’s absolutely rabid!
  5. He’ll be in the dog house for the rest of his life.
  6. Well, isn’t she just the pick of the litter?
  7. Bet they’ll make some beautiful pups.
  8. She lies like a dog!
  9. Wonder if she likes it doggy-style?
  10. Truly, this man knows how to handle his bitch.

     Man, you just can’t make stuff like this up…

Note: Selvakumar Photo Copyright © 2007 Associated Press, All Rights Reserved

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