November 16th, 2007 at 12:20 pm by Mark
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     Just say “No!” to hotlinking.  It’s a bad habit.

     This has been our hotlinking image for a long, long time:

     Nobody wants to see that, now do they? 

     Rob Ullman over at Atom Bomb Bikini, after being contracted to caricature the campaigning Clinton, quickly crafted this bit of cartoony goodness:

Robert Ullman’s Hillary

     [ Side Note: How’s that for aliteration, Sam?  I feel empowered! ]

     Why, seeing Photo vs. Caricature, it’s rather clear where the inspiration came from, isn’t it? 😉

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7 Responses to “Hill-arious”

  1. Barry Says:

    Just out of curiosity, why exactly is this funny? I don’t mean hotlinking, that’s not funny at all – I mean posting a photo of a public person caught in the act of making a silly face and running with it, for the purposes (I assume) of ridiculing said person.

    I don’t particularly care for Hillary, and I would have the same feelings if it were Bush (I’ve seen many, many of him caught in silly expressions), Thompson, Edwards, Obama, Bill Clinton, Gore, anyone.

    I just think it’s kind of juvenile and I can’t figure out why it’s funny or particularly satirical past the first second or two after seeing it. Then it’s just kind of sad…

  2. Mark Says:

    So it doesn’t strike you as humorously ironic that after being contracted by the Clinton campaign to do a caricature, his final work so closely resembles the very photo that the Clinton campaign despises so?

    Then again, we still laugh about “Dick Army,” too. Does that answer your question?

  3. Barry Says:

    Not really, because I don’t think that’s funny either. And not like a defensive, “Hey, man, that’s not FUNNY!” kind of thing because I don’t agree with the political statement, or I’m defending the target. I just kinda feel people should’ve left that type of humor behind in Junior High…

    Irony and sarcasm are fine, but playing up silly nicknames (“Slick Willie”, “Bushitler”, “Algore”, etc) and promoting goofy pictures of the politicians you don’t like says more about the person doing it than the one they’re supposedly attacking with such wit and political savvy.

    It’s one of the outward signs of the immature political, partisan debate we see all around today, especially on the internet.

  4. Anita Boner Says:

    Aww poor baby are you too grown up and mature to hang around those who found humour in it? Quite silly, really, that you’re sitting around arguing at a humor blog proving you’re none of the above. You know what they say – if you don’t like what’s on turn the tele. Or, perhaps you should stop visiting humour blogs and go back to your own wet blanket. Note the double entendre. LOL

  5. Barry Says:

    (looking at commenters handle)

    Yeah, kinda makes my point…

  6. Anita Boner Says:

    Aww is that stick painful?

  7. Zacque Says:

    Look, these individuals squander my hard earned money on things to primp themselves or rather put their best foot forward. I Believe they’re fair game just like anyone else. I don’t see you getting mad over Jay Leno characatures or Anna Nicole Smith. These cartoons have been part of who were as a race of people for a very long time not necessarily to insult those in the spotlight but more to draw attention to them. So in the words of Don Henley might I suggest that you “Get over it.”