Slight Professional Irritants

February 5th, 2008 at 1:00 am by Zacque
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Every so often, there comes a time when something is just slightly irritating enough to be a tongue-punch in the old backdoor, Mind you not in the kinky variety of “ooh, please sir…  May I…  I need some more!”  Rather in the “Eww, gross!”  I feel weird when I am a propositioned by the seedy old man at the rest stop sort of way; yes, that is how I feel when people with the help of God still can’t seem to understand what I am saying.  For crying out loud, I speak the same English that they do.  It can’t be this difficult.

I specifically said to someone “I can’t do anything with those images, my lab won’t let me.”  However they still went on to tell me that I could indeed do so if I performed said mentioned set of magic tricks while holding an emasculated monkey doing the can-can on its head.  To which I said, “Perhaps you didn’t hear me correctly, I cannot do anything to those images.  The proprietary software won’t register the images as actually there if I do that.”

For a reason unannounced to anyone but the other person and God himself, (sorry for Hitlery supporters, but God has to be masculine as no woman would let the world get this far,) this person still demanded that I be able to make changes to the images anyways.  Oh well, I guess that will be the last time I try to ask a so-called colleague (who probably couldn’t photograph their way out of paper bag,) for an opinion about work in the same field.  They don’t spend any money on work you do for them anyhow.

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5 Responses to “Slight Professional Irritants”

  1. carie thompson Says:

    btw, ask everyone that knows you, hell, ask anyone that doesn’t know you and spends aprox. 10 minutes talking to you and I bet they would all say that you speak too softly or too low. sorry dude, can’t be right in this one.

  2. Mark Says:

    Knowing the situation of this blog (and wondering WTF that comment had to do with anything?) I’d say one thing:

    For those who say, “You speak too softly, and I can’t hear,” it’s most often easy to counter with, “You speak too loudly, and you can’t listen.”

    Nah, I’ll say two things, because it’s more than apparent in certain cases that some people have their heads so far up their asses that it’s an obstruction not only to their ears, but to the oxygen supply to their brain, as well.

    I’m just sayin’…

  3. carie thompson Says:

    well, some people really don’t get it and lose their tempers way too quickly when someone is trying to help them and they misunderstand because they are speaking too softly or the phone being used sucks. Also, they are so pissed that they had to write a freaking blog about it. wtf?

  4. carie thompson Says:

    further more… Mark, how do you really know the situation fully when you weren’t even there, nor heard all sides. You are taking one person’s perception and saying you know what the situation was?

  5. Mark Says:

    Why do I have to “know the situation fully” to recognize and reply to your off-topic and unwarranted slam?

    As if you were there and know anything about this situation at all? *ahem!* The Reality Check is in the mail, postage due.

    …well, some people really don’t get it and lose their tempers way too quickly…

    And, uh, you’re right. But not Zacque.