Suicide Plot Foiled by FBI

October 28th, 2008 at 2:40 am by Mark
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     A few months ago, there were plenty of articles asking, “Is it safe to be Liberal?” because a Unitarian Church got shot up by a nutjob — and member of that same Unitarian Church.

     However, the minute you say you’re Conservative in the least — or point out any common fallacies — the head goes up the ass (that’s what an asshat is) and the ears close on no less than fifty percent of the people around you.  They immediately begin their mind-numbing, chant-like schpiels about how “stupid” GW is (he makes an accidental funny far less than Obama says, “Umm”), about how the war in Iraq is wrong (even though they screamed for ten years, “Save the Kurds!”), how our rights are being taken away every single day (even though the last guy did away with most of them via the 1994 crime bill and line items in many other key bills), how our economy is devastated (while in fact we’re still seeing a stronger stock market and lower inflation than during the Clinton years), and — and here’s the big nasty — that every Republican is a racist (when in fact, most White Supremacist groups are liberal Democrats and card-carrying members of the ACLU).
     And they are zealotous about it…

     Rather, I would ask, “Is it safe to be Conservative these days?”  How could it be, when so many of these people might hang an effigy of a Republican political candidate by a noose?  Or turn into drama queens and call the police on you for voicing your opinion like some people I know
     (I’ll write about that one as soon as court’s over, you have my word!)

     And still, I just can’t figure out why… Why — when two idiot skinheads (Democrats, mind you!), 18 and 20, decide that they’re going to rob a gun store and go out and get themselves killed (their own words!) — is this suddenly turned into an “assination plot against Barack Obama” instead of the suicide mission that they, themselves, expected it to be?

     Thank you, Liberal Media, for yet again going off the deepend and making up stories.  I’ll get to why in a minute…

     These two kids’ so-called plan was to rob a gun store, shoot eighty-eight black men, decapitate eighteen black men, and finally, “die trying” to kill Obama while dressed in White Tuxedos.  Some seriously over-the-top, campy ridiculousness, if you ask me…
     The geniuses were also intelligent enough to chalk Swastikas on their car, for chrissakes. 

     Does the Obama camp really take this suicide plot seriously?

     Well, of course they do…

     Because in the ’90’s when our Republican congressmen were asking for Hate Crime legislation in order to get rid of the growing number of Neo-Nazi Skinheads in our inner cities, they were poo-poo’ed by their Democrat colleagues.  Instead, many of our personal rights to due process and expedience were done away with, and Hate Crime legislation fell by the wayside.
     Thanks to the GW-sponsored Patriot Act — a bipartisan measure, mind you — most of the actions of the White Supremacy asshats fall under the big ol’ guise of “Terrorism” these days.  Kewl!

     But now, Hate Crime legislation is on the table again, and Obama’s all for it.  This little “plot” goes a long way towards validating his cause, too.
     This time, the legislation includes such minor nasties as bitching, complaining and “perceived” threats against pretty much anyone involved in any violent crime.  Let’s say “Joe” is a in a bar, and “Steve” hits Joe.  Joe turns around says, “You stupid friggin’ pollack!” as he hits Steve back.  Steve is from Wisconsin, descended from eastern Europeans, but Joe didn’t know that… So now, Joe’s in danger of going to prison for up to ten years, even in self-defense, because he called Steve a “pollack.”  Of course, that’s completely up to the discretion of a Washington bureaucrat to make the distinction as to whether or not the State it happened in prosecuted it correctly… And if you asked a Washington bureacrat anything, well… you get the idea.
     It’s a real vote getter, but most people haven’t dug in and taken a look at what these laws actually do… There are already laws for most of this — save taking away peoples’ rights to be scream stupidity during the process — and ear-marking more money and retaining Federal authority to supercede local law enforcement, along with a lot of the other language, makes this some pretty damn problematic legislation.
     And to what end?  What’s the point, besides to get a solid voting base out of a couple of intended target audiences at the inconvenience of everyone else?

     So, hey, get off this “Obama Murder Plot” and let’s call it what it really is:

     Two dumbass kids trying like Hell to get themselves killed.

     “How many skinheads does it take to change a lightbulb?”
     “None… if they bitch loud enough about their right to voice their opinion and that they’re non-violent and don’t have hate in their hearts and the fact that they’re a so-called persecuted race, regardless of facts, the ACLU will do it for them.”
     Pass that Hate Crime legislation, now Skinheads will be protected under codified Law, because if anyone screams, “Screw you, friggin’ Nazi!” while kicking the crap out of the little criminals, they’ll be able to turn that around into a federal crime, too — the “perception” of a Hate Crime Act against the perpetrator of Hate Crimes, in that someone made fun of their supposed German origin.

     Can you say, “Let’s shoot ourselves in the foot!” boys and girls?

     I knew you could…

     I only hope that one of these days, people will wake up and realize that most of the Radicals are on the same side of the fence — they’re just different colors.

     Send them to Guantanamo, dammit!

     That’s what it’s there for!


6 Responses to “Suicide Plot Foiled by FBI”

  1. Sam Says:

    It’s nice to see you being sarcastic again. 🙂

    You’ve also made the precise point why H.R. 1592 and its companion, S.1105 aka the Matthew Shepard Bill, are bunk. Looking at the penalties it appears that what a person says during a violent act is more important than the violent act itself. A person who harms anyone else with a firearm or incendiary device can be incarcerated for life if the victim/s “perceive” that they are being singled out due to any number of factors such as race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability of the victim or is a violation of state, local, or tribal hate crime laws.

    It stands to reason given these explicit parameters that if you intend to hurt anyone safely under this law it should always be a white, American female whom you do not know, the aforementioned violence being performed solely with a knife, otherwise, IT COULD BE CONSIDERED A HATE CRIME! 😉

    [ In my defense, note that I do not condone violence, nor violence against women. My ridiculous statement was made to poke fun at an equally ridiculous law and should not be construed as misogynistic. Ladies, please, if you intend to label me a misogynist please have the decency to come by the hotel for a night at which point you will probably come by that opinion the old-fashioned way as seems to be the case of late. I don’t know where these ideas come from other than my lifestyle, location and social stature but in the words of some of my recent detractors, “whatever, Whatever, WHATEVER!” Maybe I should turn gay. At least then I’d be protected under the Federal Hate Crimes Act and have some of the more animated ones arrested. lol ]

  2. Mark Says:

    That comment is so wrong, on so many different levels, I’m not sure where to begin…

    But yeah, I hadn’t noticed that “sex” wasn’t a condition of “hate crime,” or that “knife” wasn’t mentioned amongst the implements of destruction… of course, neither is “car” in the case or “other large moving object” (such as truck, bulldozer, tank, plane, etc.)… So, uhh… Yeah, ok…

  3. Catscratch Says:

    Welcome back, Mark. This is the kind of crap I live to read from you!!!
    This is the kind of crap you were born to write!!!!

    That said, all the little asshats should be caged up, as you said, in some kind of hell camp…

    Sam… the old fashioned way, eh?

  4. Mark Says:

    I noticed yesterday there was an entire front page full of sarcasm… *thumbs up*


  5. Mark Says:

    Oh, here we go… and it’s filed under “Election News.”


  6. Big Mouth née Deep Throat Says:

    Started to do an Obama series but these are so much better! Fantastic writing, humour and truth! Blogging just can’t get any better!