Shades of Gay

November 26th, 2008 at 7:52 am by Mark
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     I don’t know why, but over the past two years, the phrase, “Uhh, that’s gay,” has popped back into my vocabulary.  I think it’s probably because my former roomate’s gay daughter said, “Uhh, that’s gay,” every other sentence when she wasn’t screaming, “That f&*$ing c*%$!!!” about, if not at, some other female who she apparently detested to limitless degrees.

     But there are degrees of this “gayness.”  Some stuff is just gay.  Some stuff is really really gay.  Other stuff is f$*%ing gay.  Still others are really f$*%ing gay.  There was even, “Gay like Zacque’s house key.”  Then, of course, we had this…

     I’m sorry, but MacBooks suck.  Most of the people who work on them are friggin’ clueless morons.  This is why most MacBooks cannot be fixed.
     Of course, it also has to do with the fact that to replace a hard drive, you must completely and thoroughly disassemble the machine.  No panel-popping, ease-of-upgrade here — hell, no!  It takes a friggin’ degree in Chinese Engineering, no less than five types of screwdriver-type devices, several gin and tonics and unwavering faith in Christ to get the damn things apart.
     Upon finally getting the hard drive out, and looking at the carnage, I looked at Zacque.
     “Uhh, dude…”
     “That’s gay.”
     “F$*% Mac.”
     “Yeah… it’s gay…”
     (The Henny Youngman constituency in my head asked, “How gay is it?”)
     “…It’s gay like Mac.”

     For some time now, that has stood as the be-all, end-all of gayness.

     Gay like Mac.

Self Image     Gay like, “Think Different,” in a world where PC’s are easily fixed most of the time, where a simple screw covers a panel whereby a hard drive can be removed without the limitless drivel and lack of know-how of the “Mac Store.”  “Think Different,” where CEO Steve Jobs is such a brazen asshat that he can’t see the forest for the fruit.  “Think Different,” where common sense and logic go out the window with Jobs, because despite any manufacturer of PC’s being his actual competition, he vehemently spews vitriol and venom at his “perceived” competition, Microsoft’s Bill Gates.  “Think Different,” where your company is so lacking in sales — because you suck at running a business — that you go directly to the US Government and lobby for them to attack your competition due to “anti-competitive practices,” when it’s actually just a ruse for you to position yourself as an anti-competitive bastard.  “Think Different,” where you can charge upwards of $350 for a piece-of-shit phone that doesn’t work half the time, might catch on fire, and yet, you’re able to justify the cost and the problems because “Microsoft phones sucks!  They’re anti-competitive because they have a bigger market share!”
     Yep, “Think Different,” where the iPod is the most popular mp3 player, but the software cuts your PC off at the knees so you’re more inclined to buy a piece of shit MacBook.

     “Think Different,” because these days, Macs are more glitz than guts, being pretty much demoted to a seriously underperforming-yet-highly-polished Linux machine, without any error notifications to let you know your machine is actually really f$*%ed up.

     “Think Different.”  Think mindless sheep.  Think Asshat.

     The big use I had for the Mac was Photoshop, because it actually works and doesn’t suffer from the Memory Leaks and issues that it does on the PC (although, that’s Adobe’s fault, not Microsoft’s).  Well, okay, and Final Cut Pro, too (although, I’m more likely to go for a “real” video editor these days).  And this old-ass Hypercard game called “Asylum,” but OS/X won’t run it, and as of System 7.5.1, the damn game ran better under emulation on my PC.
     In essence, I like Macs overall, but I see them for what they are.  They’re a machine.  Apple is a big-business company.  Steve Jobs is such a pedantic tool that co-founder Steve Wozniak can’t even get along with him.  Apples other ventures are easily comparable to Sony, who put out too much high-priced shit and people buy it because of the name.

     Apple is not, however, the socio-political movement which it is touted by the large consensus its blind masses of users.  You know, the blind masses who are most always highly liberal, extremely pedantic, ridiculously argumentative and unable to face the fact that by buying into the hype and supporting it zealotously despite major snafus, they’ve become Steve Job’s bitches.

     That mentality… That’s the final level of Gay… so Gay it needs Special Rights.

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6 Responses to “Shades of Gay”

  1. Zacque Says:

    My biggest problem with Macs is that to build a generic Mac still runs $700 – $800. And then you have to break the law to do it. And that’s gay. Gay like Mac.

    Hear that, Carie Thompson?

  2. Mark Says:

    Why’d you have to bring up that less than intelligent, copulating extremely ill-mannered person? Case in point that some people should go self-copulate.

    Excrement, I forgot to turn off this diety forsaken PC filter.

  3. Chuck Chuck Bo Buck Says:

    Overal I give it a C+ but due to your deteriorated mental condition I suppose it deserves a sympathetic B+.

    No panel-popping, ease-of-upgrade here — hell, no! It takes a friggin’ degree is Chinese Engineering, no less than five types of screwdriver-type devices, several gin and tonics and unwavering faith in Christ to get the damn things apart.

    This is one of the most brilliant descriptions I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately you’ve also caused me to spew Diet Coke from my nose and I do intend to sue, mother copulating son of a female dog.

  4. Mark Says:

    Go ahead. Everyone else is. You won’t get any money out of this stone.

  5. Phatty Says:

    I bought a Mac following recommendations from fellow professionals in the graphic design/photography world. All I can say is what a pile of crap. I can’t even get the mouse to run smoothly (I do a lot of free hand work) the bloody thing skips pixels, and by the way the same mouse works fine on my windows and Linux machines, the apple mouse is even worse.

    How this machine the choice for most arty people is beyond me, just because it is pretty? surly not, money down the shitter.

  6. Zacque Says:

    This evening my wife and I added to the many shades of gay as we watched the History Channel to only to discover that biker gangs are their own unique animal. Rather they are so unbelievably gay they need special rights as they try to avoid law enforcement and still maintain their sense of “brotherhood” and other immoral behaviors.