Beating the Holiday Blues

December 14th, 2008 at 1:23 pm by Zacque
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     A majority of people understand what the “Holiday Blues” is all about.  You lose your job, lose loved ones and are out of money entirely these are just some of the causes.  You don’t necessarily have to be subject to all of these factors,  just one is enough.  That’s when it hit me, I should write a post with ways to avoid the “Holiday Blues.”   After all, laughter is the best medicine…

Example 1:  Christmas in a Beer Joint

    Just in case you suffer from the “holiday blues” from your own lack of ability to purchase Christmas gifts, (you lucky bastard), I suggest you take this advice from Bob and Doug Mackenzie.

Example 2: Bob and Doug Mackenzie

    In other words laugh your butt off this Christmas,  it sure as hell beats being depressed!

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