Last Man Standing – I WIN!

January 1st, 2009 at 1:05 am by Mark
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     Of course, judging by everything I’ve seen and heard tonight, I am the only person who’s still SOBER at 1AM on New Year’s…

     So a Public Service Announcement to everyone east of Colorado (because, hey, who cares about those people west of Colorado, anyway, right? *snicker*):

     Please be safe and don’t start out your New Year with a Drunk and Disorderly, a DUI or a Vehicular Homicide. 

     In other words, don’t get f*%$ed while getting f*%$ed up.  Unless you’re f*%$ing while f*%$ed up.

     So, you all have your fun, and I’ll just keep sitting here NOT f*%$ing OR getting f*%$ed up.


     Happy New Year.


2 Responses to “Last Man Standing – I WIN!”

  1. ubermouth Says:

    I hear that there is a high proportion of incarcerated persons west of Colorado.
    Happy New Year, Mark.
    I had a few drinks which is unusual as I am normally an abstainer. I should have come in and drunk blogged. 🙂

  2. Mark Says:

    Yeah, why not … looks like everyone else HERE did … And certainly the rest of the British did, judging by the blogs I saw six hours ago …

    And since you’re there, and it’s morning already, lemme know how that morning seems so I can figure out whether or not I wanna wake up to it tomorrow, or just sleep on through the whole damn day.