I Having Probrem

February 19th, 2009 at 11:43 am by Mark
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     I do tend to deal with a lot of people who aren’t native English speakers.  A lot of times, I tend to learn their particular pidgins and respond back in kind so that they understand, because sometimes their English skills just aren’t good enough to “get it.”

     Back in ’95, I had a computer store.  I answered the phone one day to a Taiwanese customer.
     “Herro, Ma’k?  I having probrem.  Have computer, cannot get hard on.”
     *muffled laughter*  “Umm, it won’t turn on?”
     “No, cannot get hard on.”
     *laughter less muffled*  “I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying.  You cannot get a hard on?”
     “Haha, very fun!  No, cannot get hard on.”
     *laughing*  “Umm, that sounds like a personal problem.”  *turns on speaker phone*
     “No, Ma’k, have computer, computer on, no hard on.”
     *laughing hard*  “Are you on the Internet?”
     “No, cannot get hard on!  Come now!”
     *laughing hysterically* “I can send one of the girls over.”
     “You makey joke!  I no get hard on!  Send Robin!  Haha, very fun!”

     Anyway, as it turns out, the computer itself, which he mistakenly called the “hard drive,” would not turn on.  And it was due to bad wiring in the building.  But… Whatever…

     A repeat today, with a similar situation, left me fumbling for words when trying to speak to anyone else.  Typing was, of course, right out.

I taking they making wiper fluid for race cars?
Oh, God.
My English is suffering horrible.
This is what I get for talking to Chinese clients.
My English going Hell to the basket.

     Now I have to do a BIOS update … but can no find froppy dick.


4 Responses to “I Having Probrem”

  1. telecomladyj Says:

    who want froppy dik anywayz…
    fly ly?

  2. anton Says:

    Free DOS on a thumb drive saved me last time I needed to flash a BIOS. I don’t even have any froppy dick drives left.

    Oh, and according to the closed captioning on the news a month ago, it’s “going to hell in a ham basket”.

  3. Mark Says:

    I, too, use “tum dry” if possible. Issa strangey. Some no working to boot, so must using froppy dick. No probrem!

    You pay now!

  4. ubermouth Says:

    I run if I see froppy dick.