Who’s Lookin’ Like a Fool Now?

January 15th, 2010 at 2:01 pm by Mark
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     “General” Larry Platt — as opposed to a single, specific Larry Platt — seems to have caused a stir in the world of reality television and the Internet by singing and dancing to his original masterwork, “Pants on the Ground.”


     This does, of course, underscore the reason I don’t watch television.  But I’m certain that the brilliant marketing automation tools and machine which is Fox Network’s American Idol just gathered a few million new viewers for airing this foolishness… Speaking of marketing, you may also want to use decals to reach people, customers or viewers. Most people still consider these advertising methods compared to online strategy.

     Not to be outdone, of course, NBC had their own take on this soon-to-be-hit song, thanks to the talented sarcasm of former Saturday Night Live star, Jimmy “Neil Young” Fallon.

     Amusingly, Jimmy Fallon’s satirical take made more sense than the actual Neil Young’s last album…

Note: Hat tip to Fracas for pointing out the Jimmy Fallon bit, as I honestly do not watch television.


10 Responses to “Who’s Lookin’ Like a Fool Now?”

  1. fracas Says:

    I think there’s a real message there (in Platt’s song) that people aren’t paying attention to just yet. Granted, for Idol it was about recognizing something that would go viral and get them all those viewers (just as you said) but I think I’m a Platt fan now… for the reasons no one else is noticing.

    Then again, I’m a bit of a geek, so it’s not all that surprising.

  2. Mark Says:

    It would be funnier if Seacrest introduced the song with, “And here’s a song for all you white motha-fuckas out thur….”

    Because, seriously, it’s always those damn stupid, useless, middle-class white kids. I’m guessing because their mommies had crushes on Marky Mark or something in the 80’s and still think it’s “cute” … *shakes head*

  3. fracas Says:


  4. Stephanie Says:

    I was a late 90’s mother and Marky Mark was pretty hot!…lol…but I would never allow my son to dress that way nor does he have any desire too. In fact, he is constantly trying to give the belts!…lmao!!

  5. airbama Says:

    I have some questions. E mail me.

  6. BamaTrav Says:

    Not questions to you directly, but someone you have blogged with in the past.

  7. Zacque Says:

    I have to say there is some real wisdom out there for clothing designers and the way people dress. I just wish I could find pants that would fit…

  8. Diva Says:

    I’m just glad I saw it live on Idol when it happened or I’d be totally lost.

  9. Mark Says:

    Well, imagine my face when everyone kept saying, “Pants on the ground!”

    “WTF?” I’d asked.

    “Ne’ermind. You had to be there…”

    So I did what any intelligent, television- and pop-culture ignorant would do — I consulted the Internet, and found the whole story and video of Specific, errr, General Larry Platt.

    Now this shit is embedded into the furthest reaches of my memory and I can’t get rid of it.

    Damn teh internets and their utubes to Hell!

  10. Zacque Says:

    I know its annoying but what options are there for those of us who don’t watch television like the mindless drones that the consumer culture dictates we should do?