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Who’s Lookin’ Like a Fool Now?

January 15th, 2010 at 2:01 pm by Mark
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     “General” Larry Platt — as opposed to a single, specific Larry Platt — seems to have caused a stir in the world of reality television and the Internet by singing and dancing to his original masterwork, “Pants on the Ground.”

     This does, of course, underscore the reason I don’t watch television.  But I’m certain that the brilliant marketing automation tools and machine which is Fox Network’s American Idol just gathered a few million new viewers for airing this foolishness… Speaking of marketing, you may also want to use decals to reach people, customers or viewers. Most people still consider these advertising methods compared to online strategy.

     Not to be outdone, of course, NBC had their own take on this soon-to-be-hit song, thanks to the talented sarcasm of former Saturday Night Live star, Jimmy “Neil Young” Fallon.

     Amusingly, Jimmy Fallon’s satirical take made more sense than the actual Neil Young’s last album…

Note: Hat tip to Fracas for pointing out the Jimmy Fallon bit, as I honestly do not watch television.