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Does Kitten Guilt Really Work?

April 27th, 2007 at 1:53 pm by Mark
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     I just deleted 991 spam since last night at 9PM.  One from a spambot known only as RastaCamel, coming to us from an open proxy in Russia, ends its hundreds of nasty pr0n links with the following:

See later![b] With best wishes, RastaCamel [/b] ;)

[i]Please don`t delete this topic.. My kitten is very hungry and I must to work for buy to her Whiskas :(( Thanks![/i]

     Kitten-guilt to promote pr0n spam.  Wow.

     Considering the subject matter, it’s probably a good thing, then, that the last Kitten Guilt craze was debunked by The Good Reverend in 2005

God Kills a Kitten

     However, this math may be flawed, considering that he didn’t account for the the fact that kittens have nine lives…

So Many Surveys, So Little Time *jeez*

March 15th, 2007 at 11:14 am by Diva
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We get these surveys and we all put in canned one liner answers. And honestly, how many times do you have to answer the same question about what color your underwear are or how many times in the last 3 weeks someone else has slept in your bed?

No, I’m not on a high horse. I am one of the most guilty individuals that I know. If I am bored at work or have nothing to do and there is a survey sitting there in the bulletins, it’s like a train wreck. I have to look. And then, before I know it, I am committing a crime against all that is right in the world and tap, tap, tapping my keyboard, filling in the answers.

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Spam Comment of the Week

January 12th, 2007 at 1:12 pm by Mark
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     This Spam Comment made my day.

     Coming straight out of a Russia from a spambot identified only as “paris:”

Outsoles are made of enduring compounds and are in a Queer Street needle of left over shoe existence….

     It’s brilliant.  It’s actually a sentence!

Little Brainwashing

December 9th, 2006 at 3:15 am by Mark
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     The site, Little Democrats, has been spammed continually for the last week from Democratic organizations, Google AdSense and miscellaneous “do-gooders” who think that this Democrat-centric children’s book is a good idea.
     Unfortunately, it’s a load of crap.

     Just take a look at the sample pages … I mean, apparently, Republicans are a group of people who don’t share their toys, run over children and charge money to go to school.

     Regardless, from what I remember, the Government isn’t supposed to be a Parent to its citizens. It’s supposed to exist to represent them.

     So, of course, I couldn’t resist spoofing it…

Little Democrats


What’s Next for Golden Palace — Terrorism?

February 26th, 2006 at 11:16 pm by Sam
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20060227 - Golden Palace infiltrates Winter Olympics Closing Ceremonies - Courtesy Unknown (submitted via web)

It was strange and amusing when online casino, Golden Palace, started purchasing oddball artifacts — such as the Grilled Cheese with the image of the Virgin Mary, a Doritos chip in the shape of the Pope’s Hat and the so-called Holy Pierogi — to make a name for itself. The next round of advertising raised quite a few eyebrows: purchasing ad-space on peoples’ bodies and having people legally change their names to “”

The excrement really hit the fan in April 2005 when they paid $15,100 to a Connecticut woman in exchange for her naming her baby, “” In addition to proving that the mother was insanely cruel and idiotic, this kind of shock-value advertising also went to prove what a bunch of soulless bastards Richard Rowe and company really were, making people deciding to try other more rightful options to gamble online, and sites like being visited more often now.

Last year, they sponsored streaking and mayhem at public events, an embarrassment that even the Winter Olympics in Torino were not spared. Sponsored by Golden palace, an English streaker, Mark Roberts, interrupted the Bronze Medal curling competition on Friday the 24th. Even tonight, during the closing ceremonies, organizing committee chairman Valentino Castellani was interrupted by one of their punks who decided to grab a microphone. Mr. Castellani continued gracefully, ignoring him almost completely.

It’s very clear that Richard Rowe can’t run a respectable company, and their continued shock-value advertising keeps going unchecked. Their antics are not only disruptive, they’re illegal. Yet, they continue to be allowed to operate in this manner.

So what’s next for Dick & Co.? It’s obvious that they have absolutely no qualims about screwing up the lives of innocent children or down-on-thier luck mothers, or with sponsoring repeated public nudity and completely disrupting international events.

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit for them to start sending t-shirts to suicide bombers.