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Vote… Don’t Vote…

November 2nd, 2010 at 9:12 am by Zacque
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Today is November the 2st 2010…  The day many Americans will go to the polls… 

People make WAY too big a deal about it and are generally too uptight about the entire subject.

I was reading a post from the Knoxville News Sentinel where it chronicled all of the violence and fraud surrounding voting thus far out of pure boredom.  During this reading I found that not only had fraud taken place already but it backfired in atleast one case where the silly Democrats in charge had the polls set up so the voting populace could vote for only a Republican option.  You would think that if you were going to screw with an election you would set it up to choose a candidate who personified your own views.  Guess thats what happens when you can’t trust a member of your own party, but Harry Reid?  Come on now, we as a populace can do better than that.

Of course there was also a man had shouted “You lie!” toward President Obama. Last but not least, there were the usual numerous cases of absentee ballet fraud, like Chicago during the 1920’s. Vote early, vote often!

Generally, I would say that this should really be covered under the entertainment section of the paper as a good deal of it is quite humorous.  It is after all a civic duty so must be given a little pomp and circumstance and should be documented as such.

Honestly, I don’t care if you vote or not.  If you do make the choice to do so, make a decision you think is livable.  If you stay home, that’s great too. But then you lose the ability complain when you get the perverbial shaft because you were lazy.  So enjoy your trip or not.  But be nice to one another in the process.   After all, elected officials are supposed to be the best and brightest we have to offer.  No wonder the city, state, and country is headed for the toilet.

Well, Damn, I Voted Wrong

November 4th, 2008 at 9:49 pm by Mark
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     If only I’d read this before voting…


     I mean, damn, I got a stiffy just thinking about it…

     No, not her, you dolt… Coffee… Oh, man, some fine, smooth Kenyan or an Ethiopian Harrar…

     Oh, god, it’s been soooo long…

     So all of you on the west coast?


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Mickey Mouse for President!

November 4th, 2008 at 4:13 pm by Mark
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     Seems I’m not the only one being assaulted by Internet, Telephone and Snail Mail… This comes to me from Pennsylvania:

Barack Hussein Obama, and cronies… committing crimes daily such as f$%*ing harassment….. Every 5 minutes yesterday…. f$%* it I unplugged my phone now… because I am being literally harassed by them. I have called the DNC, and other PACs, telling them to stop calling me, and that as far as they know, their harassment, which still continues by the way, has made me decide to vote McCain.

So yeah, I called the popo to file a criminal complaint against Barack Obama ’08, and teh DNC!!!!

To make my case, I even recorded the calls to the groups, and clearly stated I was recording the call for my records, and that I do not want them to call me, and that further calls would result in my filing a criminal complaint.

So its done, I have reported Barack Hussein Obama’s criminal acts!!!!

     Good luck!

     I’ll bet you can guess who I didn’t vote for today.

     As for those bashing me over and over by Contact Form, mistakenly calling me a McCain supporter, it’s not my fault your Party of Choice put up such a stooge of a candidate.

     The Truth is revealed here:


     So take your Liberal schtick and shove it up your ass so your head has some company, okay?

     I actually did something I’ve never done before…

     I voted NONE OF THE ABOVE!

     I cast my write-in vote: Mickey Mouse for President!

     Know why?

     Because I live in a country where I CAN

     It’s my RIGHT to do so.

     And THAT is what VOTING is all about.

     Do I have voter’s remorse?

     Damn straight I do.

     Because if I’d thought about it, I would’ve put Me as Henry Rollins running mate.

Get out and Vote!

November 4th, 2008 at 5:35 am by Mark
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     Remember what I said:

     If you don’t vote, you have no right to bitch.

     ’nuff said.


Obama Thinks We’re All Idiots

October 31st, 2008 at 1:09 pm by Mark
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     Barack Obama thinks we’re all idiots, and if we believe his bullshit, then we are.

     This morning, to the applause of his supporters, I heard both him and Al Gore go on about how he “voted against the war Iraq.”

     How the Hell could Obama have voted against the war in Iraq when he only came into office in 2005?

     And surely Paul Street and I are not the only people who remember that not only did Barack Obama support the war in Iraq, he wasn’t “ruling out the nuclear option” even though we have to “pull out now.”  Pull out now, give up, and nuke the place, huh?

     There’s some great foreign policy…

     And right now, with the WORLD economy in upheaval, foreign policy is just a little more important than our current problems, because a bit of diplomacy and trade might be a damn good way to pull us out of recession and restore the American people’s faith in our dollar…