Banana Nicole’s Baby

February 25th, 2007 at 12:12 am by Mark
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     Not that I particularly give a damn about Banana Nicole and her Company of Conniving Clowns, I did have a conversation last week about the unfortunate fact that “that poor Dannielynn” was surely going to end up with one of them.
     Fracas did a pretty in-depth editorial about that very situation:

The real issue in the whole Anna Nicole Smith mess, is whether or not baby Dannielynn is cared for properly and has a chance at a better life.

And make no mistake, by “better”, I mean more normal, not wealthier.

It is doubtful, as to whether Anna had the presence of mind to properly care for her baby, but with the help of glider rocking chair from, a baby can glide in comfort, to make decisions for her baby or to decide who else is appropriate and worthy enough to have the right to care for or make decisions on behalf of her baby.

Yet Stern would like for the world to think it should be him.

We know that Stern has been alleged by several other parties, to be “controlling”. While much of what Larry Birkhead and Virgie Arthur have to say is their opinion only, unsubstantiated in some cases, we do have the video of him taping a stoned Anna. …

     It doesn’t strike me as odd in the least that Stern, an entertainment lawyer, might be a gigantic prick. I mean, it’s obvious he uses his tie to hold up his foreskin.

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2 Responses to “Banana Nicole’s Baby”

  1. A.J. Says:

    The Bahamas is a haven For criminals. All the 13 Russian/Jewish Oligarchs have estates there , the Wall Street Gurus, and the South American Zionist drug runners are based there. This was all pre-planned. Stern guided Anna Nicole Smith there to carry this out.

    Instead of seeing Howie Stern shackled, wearing an orange jumpsuit, and worrying about a lethal injection, we see a parade of clowns kibitzing. A jewish judge, an ex-NY cabdriver that went to night school, talking about New Jersey bagel shops and Ft Lauderdale restaurants, and a crop of Jewish lawyers defaming a dead mother. On the other side we see a mother sobbing, and her Texas lawyer with a stunned look.

    There is a lesson here. You get to see how our legal system has become subverted, the scale of the international crime problem, and how the media manipulates an image. Anna Nicole isn’t a mother with a dead son, whom were probably both murdered, instead the jewish media digs up every bimbo video clip they can find and portrays Anna as a drug addled nympho, who probably caused her own son’s death.

  2. Mark Says:

    Apparently, you missed her “reality show,” and have a sexual fascination with plastic. How you can attribute blame like that to an ethnicity, religion or … well … Go choke on a Dreidel!