Asshat of the Day: Steven Gallay from MovieWorld

August 8th, 2007 at 4:05 pm by Mark
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     For more info on the subject of this asinine tirade:

A buzz of activity yesterday helped Martin Provencher keep his mind not on what might have happened, but on finding his 9-year-old daughter, Cdrika, who disappeared without a trace eight days ago.

Cdrika Provencher is 5 feet tall and weighs 70 pounds. She is white and has curly red hair and brown eyes. Anyone with information about her disappearance should call the SQ at 1-800-659-4264

     Sorry, but I think my solution there is a little more helpful than posting some Asshat’s blog URL…

     Now to focus on the Asshat…

     All day long, Steven has been posting this message to our blog, and everyone else’s blog who was listed on the Google Page Rank 50 Dollar Contest:

I have disregarded any posting on any movies today.Please if anyone has any information on this beautiful redhead little girl call your local police dept.


(Asshat’s URL deleted since he was so polite)

     Four of my friends have send me a message today about the “weird spam” and each time, I’ve told them, “Nah, he seems to be doing it to all of his regular reads…”
     But when the same comment came in the second time, and again went into moderation, I responded to him via e-mail:

To: steven
Date: August 8, 2007 2:47PM 

Steven, I know it’s a PSA, but it’s kinda … well … spamming.  We’ve all heard it all over the news.

Take care,

    I wasn’t being flippant, but he needs to know that his actions might be ticking people off, eh?

     What I got back instead of an apology, or a plea to go ahead and remove the comment from moderation, was an e-mail from an abusive little asshat with absolutely no manners whatsoever:

From: steven
Date: August 8th, 2007 2:47PM EDT

your an asshole

     I mentioned it to a friend, saying, “Okay… He’s wound a little tight today,” but didn’t bother to respond.
     A few minutes later, got another one…

From: steven
Date: August 8th, 2007 2:53PM

She lives in my province, I thought I would get help from the blogging community.It’s not a psa or spam you ass,it’s called trying to help each other out!!!.obviously you don’t have any children or else you would understand!!!!


     Thanks for that, Steven.

     Seriously, I couldn’t continue my day without being abused by a random Asshat from Quebec.  Apparently, the problem isn’t only that you’re a repeat-offending spammer, but also that you’re totally lacking in the social graces which tend to be bestowed to most of us who deal with other human beings on a regular basis.

     To summarize:

  • You can’t spell “you’re”
  • I am an asshole, and an ass (think I needed that newsflash, Mr. Brightspark?)
  • Your message was not a Public Service Announcement (PSA)
  • Sending the exact same message to every blog attached to a $50 contest is apparently helping us out
  • Sending your base URL instead of to an individual post is apparently helping us out, as well
  • I don’t have any children
  • I should get lost
  • Your keyboard apparently has faulty space, shift, one, comma and period keys

     You’re right, Steven… I don’t have any kids because I have a genetic predisposition which results in severe birth defects.  Thanks for reminding me, Asshat.  All those years of therapy undone because you happened to Spam every blogger I know…

     You seem to be suffering from a PEBKAC error.

     Maybe, even, a little I-D-Ten-T.

     Now, Asshat, stop screwing with us and go do something useful … like maybe playing Russian Roulette, or seceding from the Canadian Union or something…


9 Responses to “Asshat of the Day: Steven Gallay from MovieWorld”

  1. Mark Says:

    Steven, I tried to be nice. I even took up for you to a few other bloggers.

    Your further insults (such as the one 4:13PM EDT) will not be tolerated. You’re banned.


  2. Swanky Says:

    He spammed me too. A random comment on a post that made no sense. I was afraid to click the link, but my anti-virus is up to date. Got there and was confused. No point to the thing. Deleted.

    Do that shit on myspace. That’s where that crap is a-okay.

  3. Mark Says:

    He apparently still doesn’t understand that a PSA means “Public Service Announcement,” and continues to post bile into moderation that I somehow “started” this whole thing by my e-mail, which is posted, unedited, above.

    I still fail to understand how that e-mail is any excuse whatsoever for his two retaliatory strikes which are also posted, unedited, above.

    This is why he gets an Asshat of the Day award. Brainless friggin’ wonder, there.

  4. Anton Says:

    Mark’s an Asshole? Wow, I could have told you that more than a decade ago. But it takes one to know one and I think I fit that description too.

    On the other hand, Mark is an asshole who actually defended Steve. I was one of those that sent Mark a message about “that weird spam” and he said to let it pass since they guy obviously wanted help looking for a lost kid. Even though I didn’t think it relevant to my post about Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers I let the comment through.

    I can see that the guy wants help from the blogging community, but responding like an ass won’t get it. Linking to his root URL to gain some page rank long after this blows over and is forgotten seems a bit selfish. Now I really question his motives.

    I’ve flagged the comment as SPAM and Akismet should now consider most similar posts as spam and they won’t even make it to moderation.

    Good day Steve, you screwed yourself, now get the hell off the blogosphere.

  5. Mark Says:

    Well, now he starts with the e-mail assault:

    You’ve got a lot of nerve posting my entire name on your blog!!!! I really think you enjoy hurting people!!! If you know what it is to be a parent you would understand!!!

    Seriously, mate — if posting your “entire name” was that big an issue, you SHOULDN’T’VE EMAILED ME WITH IT attacking me FOR NO REASON! And maybe YOU SHOULD TAKE IT OFF YOUR WEBSITE… Because it’s RIGHT THERE IN THE SIDEBAR, ASSHAT!

    Sadistic? No.

    Retaliatory? Absolutely. Right out in public, asshat! That way there’s no confusion when you act like a complete twit.

    I know what it is to be a parent, too, asshat. If you spent half the amount of time with your children instead of wasting your time f$&*ing with me all day, I wonder what life would be life?

    Oh — nevermind. They’d probably be attacking people online, too… 😉

    Now I get to watch “550 5.7.1 ABUSE – No YOU get lost” in /var/log/maillog forever. 😉

  6. serr8d Says:

    Yeah, he’s obviously taken over by panic, and has lost (hopefully temporarily) his connections to sanity.

    Hopefully, the child is OK. Really, at this point, that’s the big thing.

    I’ve a child (well, yesterday she was 9, today she’s 19) and the worst horror I could have imagined would be that my daughter went missing.

    I remember buying a CD put out in 1994 by Emerson, Lake & Palmer “In the Hot Seat” (one of my favorite ’70’s bands, ELP) and was almost knocked out by the song ‘Daddy‘ (cut 2), that haunts me to this day.

    Jeez, hope he finds his little girl…

  7. Mark Says:

    Only, it’s not his little girl … nor anyone he knows … nor was he panicked enough to put up any telephone numbers about the situation … nor … *shrug*

    I do believe Anton hit the nail on the head…

  8. serr8d Says:

    Not his little girl?

    Then he’s definitely a royal flush of an asshat…

  9. Judy Says:

    He sent me the same message, but with all thats happening in my life with my GD and DD I just have not really thought of it much until now….. and now that I know it was spam “Shame on the idiot!” I really un-heart people like that!