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The Following Can Go Fuck Themselves Today…

December 31st, 2008 at 11:59 am by Glenn
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The Following Can Go Fuck Themselves Today:

  • The ugly loud girl at Starbucks who was too busy being ugly and loud instead of properly putting together an order of a decaf coffe and a mocha.
  • The guy at Starbucks who decided it was a good idea to remove melon — yeah I said it… MELON — flavoring for my damn morning green tea.
  • Whoever the idiot at Arm and Hammer was who decided to add some element to their laundry detergent that makes my butt, crotch, and armpits itch.  You truly suck sir.
  • The idiot in charge of the interface for sharing usb drives within OSX.
  • The fuckhead who installed my desk 3 inches too low.  Shit.  That was me.
  • Sun Microsystems for that piece of shit application Open Office that sems to crash more often than it allows me to change a default font.
  • The grand idiot, Mark Steel, at for giving *me* of all people a damn account.  Pendejo.
  • Motley Crue for “Home Sweet Home”.

… And I only got to work an hour ago.  This is going to be the best day ever!

Happy New Year!


Well, Damn, I Voted Wrong

November 4th, 2008 at 9:49 pm by Mark
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     If only I’d read this before voting…


     I mean, damn, I got a stiffy just thinking about it…

     No, not her, you dolt… Coffee… Oh, man, some fine, smooth Kenyan or an Ethiopian Harrar…

     Oh, god, it’s been soooo long…

     So all of you on the west coast?


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Quick – Main-line Caffeine STAT!

December 10th, 2007 at 4:48 pm by Diva
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Not only do I need a support group for my klepto issues, but I am also an addict. That’s right, kids. If I don’t have an I.V. drip of strong ass coffee every morning, then I’m about as useful as a pantyliner is to Bruce Willis.

I consume no less than a pot of the stuff before I even leave my house in the morning. That’s just the regular, rut-o-the-mill crap too, I don’t own anything close to the best automatic espresso machine. The the games really begin when I get to the office. Oh yes, I have it made there. My boss is sympathetic and spoils me with Seattle’s Best beans. For Christmas 2 years ago, we acquired a mac-daddy espresso maker that grinds the Columbian beans into powder and then spews boiling hot water through it with extreme pressure so as to extract every last bit of the caffeinated goodness inside. God bless espresso and the occasional vanilla latte.

If I don’t get my daily dose of good stuff, I become as foul as an 87-year-old school lunch lady who’s sloppin cole slaw food stuff onto the tray of a smart ass high school kid. It’s cool. I don’t do without much.

However, I have went on strike from Starbucks. Pisses me off that I have to pay around $4 for a latte that I can whip up here for nearly nothin.
Nevermind the fact that I feel like the total redneck as I am ordering my “Non-fat venti vanilla latte, please” with my thick ass southern drawl. I always feel like they give me my total, ask me to drive around to the window, all the while making fun of the redneck chick with the funny accent.

Plus, I’m highly influenced by what I hear. And I a little squirrely told me that StarSchmucks is evil. He doth spout the truth!

(If you’re offended by extremely foul language, I advise you not to click that down there. And I apologize in advance for being so easily amused by such profanity. Please know, my mother raised me better than this. I am a black sheep.)

Coffee Induced Zen Coma

July 28th, 2007 at 2:24 pm by Zacque
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I’d like to say that my day was the product of many an adulterated hallucinogenic street drug.  You know, the kind you get from the rebellious children of hippies burnt out a long time ago.

Unfortunately a drink called the “Toddy” is responsible.  Cold brewed artisan roasted coffees, the style that takes twelve hours as water slowly drips over the sultry grains of pulverized black gold.  Then, by the grace of God alone, it is poured out of the carafe and served on ice. If you like, there could be room left for cream.  If it were on draft, you’d have to slice it at the end of the pour to take it away from the tap. Visit the website to enjoy new refreshment solutions.

It is a buzz like no other.

No side effects to report as of yet.  With the exception of almost clear clairvoyance and purity of thought.  A Zen-like state of premature enlightenment.

The kind of bliss that makes you want to write philosophical rhymes without reason on crumpled pieces of napkins while listening to old school trance music over the P.A.   All the while just sitting in a coffee shop, where you could stare at the walls for hours and be happy.  For the first time in this lifetime, I could be content sitting in an empty room with only my thoughts to entertain me.

Who knows what the night will entail?

What ever it may be, it most definately will be an interesting evening.