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Questioning Obama’s Intelligence

October 7th, 2009 at 10:58 am by Sam
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In his speech on October 6th, 2009, Obama did little but bless our Intelligence Community for their diligence and integrity.

The record of your service is written in the attacks that never occur because you thwarted them, and in the countless Americans who are alive today because you saved them. For that, America is in your debt.

Few Americans know about the work that you do, and this is how it should be. Your assignments require it, and obviously, you didn’t go into this line of work for the fame and glory or the glare of the spotlight. You’re in it to serve and protect.

So I say to every American, “You see the headlines, but here are some of the people who help write them, who keep you safe.” And I say to all of you, “You are setting the standard. You’re showing us what focused and integrated counter-terrorism really looks like.”

To think about the profound impact that all of you are having on the day-to-day life of this nation I think is extraordinary. Your professionalism is essential to protecting this country.

We’re facing determined adversaries who are resourceful, who are resilient, and who are still plotting. And no one can ever promise that there won’t be another attack on American soil.

But I can promise you this: I pledge to do everything in my power as president to keep America safe. And I pledge to give all of you the tools and support you need to get the job done around the world and here at home. And I pledge to stay focused on that mission, just as you stay focused on your mission.

Because of you and all the organizations you represent, we’re making real progress in our core mission: to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al-Qaida and other extremist networks around the world.

We must never lose sight of that goal. That’s the principal threat to the American people. That is the threat that led to the creation of this center. And that must be the focus of our efforts to defend the homeland and our allies, and defeat extremists abroad.

Obama made a similar speech earlier this year at the CIA, only weeks before loosing the Attorney General to stifle investigations of terrorists, and even prosecute some of the very people he made the speech to.

One has to wonder whether it’s coincidence or doublespeak.

But I’m banking that I’m not the only one who thought, “Look out, boys! Holder’s going on the warpath again!”

Breaking Satire: Israel Pummels Gaza, Obama Pummels English

January 2nd, 2009 at 6:40 pm by Mark
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     Prior to their bombing run in Gaza on New Years Day, Israeli miltary telephoned many residents warning of the impending attacks.  Leaflets dropped in eastern Gaza, sonic missles used as auditory warnings, and soldiers mounting at the borders should have made the attack no surprise.  However, in typical fashion, these warnings were paid no mind, and the resulting devastation has led to a hornet’s nest of anti-Israeli and anti-US sentiment.
     “When you stand in front of a moving train where the conductors are continuously flashing the lights and blowing their steam horns, whose fault is it, really, when you get run over?” asked Sam Kelter, legal and political correspondent at

     The surgical strike by Israel was largely successful in Gaza, where a militant mosque and more than twenty homes were leveled, homes which reportedly housed Hamas leaders, militants and weapons.  In addition, Hamas militant leader Nizar Rayan, his four wives, and ten of his twelve children were killed, dealing a significant blow to the Hamas power structure in the region.

     Gaza health officials claim more than seventeen hundred are wounded at present.  The United Nations claims that up to twenty-five percent of the dead may be civilians, while Hamas actually verifies that around fifty-percent of its security forces are deceased, along with as many as twenty-five children.  Whether or not these children were in Hamas homes is still unknown.

     The present death toll includes around four hundred people, four thousand sheep, seventy five dogs, twelve monkeys, six geese a-laying, and an unidentified meat puppet which may have been used in a Quiznos commercial.  No cats were injured during the bombing.

     Asked to comment on the situation, upcoming President Barack Obama replied, “Umm, yes, and, umm, I plan, umm, to address, umm, this situation, ummm, when we, ummm, you know, umm, January, ummm, by the end of the, ummm, by tax season.”
     It seems that our only hope of a diplomatic resolution to the situation may be in the verbal skills of future Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whose previous statements regarding the War on Terrorism were, “I will not rule out the nuclear option.”

A Day That Will Live in Infamy

December 7th, 2008 at 9:30 pm by Mark
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     I looked at my watch around noon today… “Why is December 7th so familiar?”

     I kept trying to figure it out… Then it hit me…

     1941.  The attack on Pearl Harbor.  Speeches by Roosevelt and Churchill.  Our Declaration of War.

     Funny how it was okay to have a multi-front war then, based on an unprovoked attack by the Japanese, and declaring it against Germany, who really hadn’t done anything to us at that point.

     How different is it, really, when they fly a couple of Jets into our buildings, unprovoked, and we declare war against both their nerve center and another genocidal maniac who was killing his people by the hundreds of thousands…?

     God Bless our Troops.

Before We Become an ObamaNation…

November 1st, 2008 at 3:03 pm by Mark
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     While all these rumors are circulating, I’m gonna stick with facts, not spin.

     No bullshit.  No rumors.  Just facts.

     While half the country complains about religious, racial and sectarian violence — and even genocide — in Africa and wonders why we don’t do something about it, another part ignores it and says, “That’s just the way things are.”

     But when a formerly peaceful tourist destination — so close to one of our own battlefields — destabilizes and a taliban-style Shariah is signed to force Islam upon its Christian members of the population, enforce dress codes against all woman (including tourists, and not just Muslim women like it was in Afghanistan), and then goes the extra step to kick out international peace keepers and refuse the extradition of terrorists, how would you feel?
     Starts to make one feel a little antsy, doesn’t it?

     And how would you feel about one of our own Presidential candidates having repeatedly endorsed the person — even spoken on his behalf to that country’s masses — who is directly responsible for those actions?

     Does it really depend on your political affiliation as to whether or not you ask this man to address that?

     I sure hope not

     And hey, this is only one thing… How is there possibly any defense for this?

     Now I know that this video doesn’t show it (those keep being removed), but if, “It’s common for American politicians to be seen with foreign dignitaries!” then why are there plenty of sources, including sources actually in Kenya, who show and tell all about Obama campaigning with Odinga?  Campaigning together for “Change?”  Fully endorsing Odinga to his own people, telling them it’s time for “Change?” 
     That’s exactly what an endorsement is…
    And if, “Odinga is not Muslim!  He’s Anglican!” then why is his signature at the bottom of a three page Memorandum which states that he “recognizes that Islam as the only true religion?”

     My biggest problem with this is the constant spin by Liberals and the Obama Campaign itself — deny, deny, deny, deny — “That rumor was debunked!” — when the evidence and truth are right there that these events did occur, and Odinga’s signature is right there on page three.

     Before you throw out the whole video because Odinga and Obama are not blood relatives (they call everyone “cousin” there), keep in mind that Kenya has issues.  Obama still supported and endorsed the very man who led a failed coup attempt against his own government, the man who headed a violent opposition political party.  This same man promised and proposed Taliban-style Shariah, and signed documents to that effect.

     You can say, “Obama isn’t Muslim!” all you want, and that may well be true.  Nor was his father an Arab, as more recent rumors claim… he was an ethnic Lou from Kenya.  (Actually, to me, both of those things are irrelevant.  For the most part, as I don’t feel that Islam is inherently wrong.  Most of these countries problems are cause by a lack of Seperation of Church and State, and Islam is allowed to be the “supreme law,” and leaders are able to use the religion to control their populations.)
     The bigger point here is that having one of our own political candidates directly involved with in a foreign country’s election process is as inflammatory as it is reprehensible.  You do not see our people hanging around with opposition candidates.  It is not the job of a U.S. Senator to go on the campaign trail with a foreign opposition leader, because that in itself constitutes an American endorsement.

     The questions you have to ask yourself are simple… how can you slam an opposition party for opportunisticly aligning themselves for personal and political gain when your own candidate does the same damn thing?  And how can a U.S. Senator violate the trust of his office by endorsing an opposition candidate, regardless of their political motivations?

     And why does everyone else in the world see that but us?

Note: Memorandum of Understanding provided by the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya.

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Suicide Plot Foiled by FBI

October 28th, 2008 at 2:40 am by Mark
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     A few months ago, there were plenty of articles asking, “Is it safe to be Liberal?” because a Unitarian Church got shot up by a nutjob — and member of that same Unitarian Church.

     However, the minute you say you’re Conservative in the least — or point out any common fallacies — the head goes up the ass (that’s what an asshat is) and the ears close on no less than fifty percent of the people around you.  They immediately begin their mind-numbing, chant-like schpiels about how “stupid” GW is (he makes an accidental funny far less than Obama says, “Umm”), about how the war in Iraq is wrong (even though they screamed for ten years, “Save the Kurds!”), how our rights are being taken away every single day (even though the last guy did away with most of them via the 1994 crime bill and line items in many other key bills), how our economy is devastated (while in fact we’re still seeing a stronger stock market and lower inflation than during the Clinton years), and — and here’s the big nasty — that every Republican is a racist (when in fact, most White Supremacist groups are liberal Democrats and card-carrying members of the ACLU).
     And they are zealotous about it…

     Rather, I would ask, “Is it safe to be Conservative these days?”  How could it be, when so many of these people might hang an effigy of a Republican political candidate by a noose?  Or turn into drama queens and call the police on you for voicing your opinion like some people I know
     (I’ll write about that one as soon as court’s over, you have my word!)

     And still, I just can’t figure out why… Why — when two idiot skinheads (Democrats, mind you!), 18 and 20, decide that they’re going to rob a gun store and go out and get themselves killed (their own words!) — is this suddenly turned into an “assination plot against Barack Obama” instead of the suicide mission that they, themselves, expected it to be?

     Thank you, Liberal Media, for yet again going off the deepend and making up stories.  I’ll get to why in a minute…

     These two kids’ so-called plan was to rob a gun store, shoot eighty-eight black men, decapitate eighteen black men, and finally, “die trying” to kill Obama while dressed in White Tuxedos.  Some seriously over-the-top, campy ridiculousness, if you ask me…
     The geniuses were also intelligent enough to chalk Swastikas on their car, for chrissakes. 

     Does the Obama camp really take this suicide plot seriously?

     Well, of course they do…

     Because in the ’90’s when our Republican congressmen were asking for Hate Crime legislation in order to get rid of the growing number of Neo-Nazi Skinheads in our inner cities, they were poo-poo’ed by their Democrat colleagues.  Instead, many of our personal rights to due process and expedience were done away with, and Hate Crime legislation fell by the wayside.
     Thanks to the GW-sponsored Patriot Act — a bipartisan measure, mind you — most of the actions of the White Supremacy asshats fall under the big ol’ guise of “Terrorism” these days.  Kewl!

     But now, Hate Crime legislation is on the table again, and Obama’s all for it.  This little “plot” goes a long way towards validating his cause, too.
     This time, the legislation includes such minor nasties as bitching, complaining and “perceived” threats against pretty much anyone involved in any violent crime.  Let’s say “Joe” is a in a bar, and “Steve” hits Joe.  Joe turns around says, “You stupid friggin’ pollack!” as he hits Steve back.  Steve is from Wisconsin, descended from eastern Europeans, but Joe didn’t know that… So now, Joe’s in danger of going to prison for up to ten years, even in self-defense, because he called Steve a “pollack.”  Of course, that’s completely up to the discretion of a Washington bureaucrat to make the distinction as to whether or not the State it happened in prosecuted it correctly… And if you asked a Washington bureacrat anything, well… you get the idea.
     It’s a real vote getter, but most people haven’t dug in and taken a look at what these laws actually do… There are already laws for most of this — save taking away peoples’ rights to be scream stupidity during the process — and ear-marking more money and retaining Federal authority to supercede local law enforcement, along with a lot of the other language, makes this some pretty damn problematic legislation.
     And to what end?  What’s the point, besides to get a solid voting base out of a couple of intended target audiences at the inconvenience of everyone else?

     So, hey, get off this “Obama Murder Plot” and let’s call it what it really is:

     Two dumbass kids trying like Hell to get themselves killed.

     “How many skinheads does it take to change a lightbulb?”
     “None… if they bitch loud enough about their right to voice their opinion and that they’re non-violent and don’t have hate in their hearts and the fact that they’re a so-called persecuted race, regardless of facts, the ACLU will do it for them.”
     Pass that Hate Crime legislation, now Skinheads will be protected under codified Law, because if anyone screams, “Screw you, friggin’ Nazi!” while kicking the crap out of the little criminals, they’ll be able to turn that around into a federal crime, too — the “perception” of a Hate Crime Act against the perpetrator of Hate Crimes, in that someone made fun of their supposed German origin.

     Can you say, “Let’s shoot ourselves in the foot!” boys and girls?

     I knew you could…

     I only hope that one of these days, people will wake up and realize that most of the Radicals are on the same side of the fence — they’re just different colors.

     Send them to Guantanamo, dammit!

     That’s what it’s there for!