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Are You a Communist, or a Citizen

January 27th, 2010 at 10:02 pm by Zacque
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I was sitting in my Economics 1010 class today, when briefly after watching a video I saw this link.  I said to myself, “I have to watch this as soon as I can.” So to succinctly describe communism in a nutshell is this video from Dr. Clifton L. Ganus, Jr.

Aren’t you glad I go to class?

This Post is Not About Steve Jobs and the iPad

January 27th, 2010 at 3:58 pm by Mark
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     Note that today’s post is one of the few on the Internet which is not about Steve Jobs’ latest creation, the iPad.  Also note that we will not be making any lame jokes about the iPad Mini, the iPad Maxi or the iPad With Wings.  Also, also note that we will not be making any jokes about the Apple Marketing Department caressing their inner womanhood, ever so slightly at first in a circular motion, then harder while reversing the direction, becoming slightly faster as the heavy breathing begins, harder and faster in the opposite direction, gripping the sheets with the other hand while … wait …
     Sorry, I went off on a tangent.

     The truth is, we here at feel that testosterone-laden innuendo should never be mixed with feminine hygiene products, or the body parts that the aforementioned products are used on.  Especially not when it’s Steve Jobs… 
     Ack, another tangent… only that one did manage to make me throw up in my mouth a bit….

     Now, seriously, back on subject.  Testosterone and feminine products just don’t mix.  The results can be… well… something like this video…

     Now, I certainly hope you’ve all learned your lesson.

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Like it Wasn’t a Problem in Santa Clara, CA…

January 23rd, 2010 at 12:31 pm by Mark
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     When I think about the really bad 80’s movie, The Lost Boys (starring a couple of Corey’s and a young 24 Star), the only thing that’s truly memorable is Grandpa’s line at the end…

That’s one thing I always hated about Santa Carla… all the goddamn vampires!

     Apparently, Lawndale, California will have no such problem, thanks to patriots like Councilman Jim Ramsey.

     When you consider Lawndale’s geographic location, it’s pretty sound logic, methinks.  There are plenty of things that suck around there.

Hat tip Sara @ Daily Shite

Wanna Hear the New RB Morris CD for Free?

January 22nd, 2010 at 8:23 pm by Mark
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     I was sitting around a few weeks ago, and R.B. Morris came in, sat down and said, “Hey, man.”  Typical conversation followed, as per usual.
     “Hey, man, I got something for you,” he said as he turned looking for something. “Hey, here’s my new CD! I just got them today, so don’t say I never gave ya nothin’!” And there it was, his brand new CD, Spies Lies and Burning Eyes.
     “Ummm, okay, so, umm, I should take this thing and rip it to MP3 and post it on the Internet, huh?”
     “You can do whatever you want to with it, man! Just… Hey, wait…”

     And thus, once we got my inner — and outer — smartass out of the way, R.B.’d made a pretty cool decision.
     “Man, ya know what, I just want this out there,” he said. “I want the public hearing it.  I want to focus on the CD Release Party on January 30th at Barley’s, and I want people to get the word out!”
     “But, remember … isn’t track four about me?” I grinned, as a silly reference to a conversation weeks before.
    “Not you, Mark Steel.  It’s about…” he trails, looking at the next guy coming in the door, and points… “Him!”

     And so, without further adieu… we bring you…

R.B. Morris – Spies Lies and Burning Eyes

     Hope you enjoyed it, and hope to see you at Barley’s Taproom in Knoxville’s Old City on January 30th at 9PM for the Official CD Release Party!


For his New CD, Spies Lies and Burning Eyes
January 10th, 2010 at Barley’s Taproom
Knoxville, TN

RB Morris, including the old Nashville band featuring Kenny Vaughan, Dave Jacques, and Paul Griffith. Joining along with RB and the Irregulars is Hector Qirko.

Opening the show will be Jake Winstrom (formerly of the Tenderhooks) with his new backing band.

     Now — Spread the word and tell your friends!

     Mark your Calendars, and be there — it’s your penance for listening to, and probably attempting to steal, his music for free over the Internet. 😉

For more info about RB Morris, check out his website at and his MySpace Music page at

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Who’s Lookin’ Like a Fool Now?

January 15th, 2010 at 2:01 pm by Mark
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     “General” Larry Platt — as opposed to a single, specific Larry Platt — seems to have caused a stir in the world of reality television and the Internet by singing and dancing to his original masterwork, “Pants on the Ground.”

     This does, of course, underscore the reason I don’t watch television.  But I’m certain that the brilliant marketing automation tools and machine which is Fox Network’s American Idol just gathered a few million new viewers for airing this foolishness… Speaking of marketing, you may also want to use decals to reach people, customers or viewers. Most people still consider these advertising methods compared to online strategy.

     Not to be outdone, of course, NBC had their own take on this soon-to-be-hit song, thanks to the talented sarcasm of former Saturday Night Live star, Jimmy “Neil Young” Fallon.

     Amusingly, Jimmy Fallon’s satirical take made more sense than the actual Neil Young’s last album…

Note: Hat tip to Fracas for pointing out the Jimmy Fallon bit, as I honestly do not watch television.