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Grew up in Deep South Florida. Graduated from UFL with a degree in Law. Immediately began working for the Federal Government. Absorbed into the ether of politics. Survived multiple world tours. Married and divorced another lawyer. Quit politics. Retired early. Yes, I am a capitalist pig.

A Correction from the Editor of

November 11th, 2009 at 11:09 pm by Sam
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On November 10th, 2009, Mark Steel posted the following in the article titled “Video Game Stimulates Consumer Spending“:

An obviously perplexed Obama replied, “Umm…

This quote, attributed to President Barack Obama, was incorrect. The actual quote was:

“Uhhh, well, yes, I mean, well, umm…”

We know that many people rely on us to give unbiased and impartial treatment to breaking news and sincerely regret this lapse in our journalistic integrity, as it diminishes our credibility.

Still, I can see why our writer made this misquote given the circumstances.

As acting Senior Editor of, I apologize, and thank you for bringing this matter to my attention.

Richard M. Nixon

[ Editor Mark: You left the “a” of ObamA. 😉 lol ]

Questioning Obama’s Intelligence

October 7th, 2009 at 10:58 am by Sam
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In his speech on October 6th, 2009, Obama did little but bless our Intelligence Community for their diligence and integrity.

The record of your service is written in the attacks that never occur because you thwarted them, and in the countless Americans who are alive today because you saved them. For that, America is in your debt.

Few Americans know about the work that you do, and this is how it should be. Your assignments require it, and obviously, you didn’t go into this line of work for the fame and glory or the glare of the spotlight. You’re in it to serve and protect.

So I say to every American, “You see the headlines, but here are some of the people who help write them, who keep you safe.” And I say to all of you, “You are setting the standard. You’re showing us what focused and integrated counter-terrorism really looks like.”

To think about the profound impact that all of you are having on the day-to-day life of this nation I think is extraordinary. Your professionalism is essential to protecting this country.

We’re facing determined adversaries who are resourceful, who are resilient, and who are still plotting. And no one can ever promise that there won’t be another attack on American soil.

But I can promise you this: I pledge to do everything in my power as president to keep America safe. And I pledge to give all of you the tools and support you need to get the job done around the world and here at home. And I pledge to stay focused on that mission, just as you stay focused on your mission.

Because of you and all the organizations you represent, we’re making real progress in our core mission: to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al-Qaida and other extremist networks around the world.

We must never lose sight of that goal. That’s the principal threat to the American people. That is the threat that led to the creation of this center. And that must be the focus of our efforts to defend the homeland and our allies, and defeat extremists abroad.

Obama made a similar speech earlier this year at the CIA, only weeks before loosing the Attorney General to stifle investigations of terrorists, and even prosecute some of the very people he made the speech to.

One has to wonder whether it’s coincidence or doublespeak.

But I’m banking that I’m not the only one who thought, “Look out, boys! Holder’s going on the warpath again!”

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Happy New Year!

January 1st, 2009 at 12:58 am by Sam
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Two hores ago we blassed in New Year 2009 while laughing our asses off at freezing tempartures in Knoxvillle, TN and Washington, District of Conspiracy while were out under the thatch wiht plenty of tiki torhc lights!

So Haoppy New Rear from the Caribean where its nice and warm and white women dance funny because they all dirnk too much!

Now we go start NEw Year out with a bang! 🙂

Something Obama Said

September 2nd, 2008 at 5:50 am by Sam
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It’s no big secret that Obama has made the point several times that, “America is the greatest country in the world! And if we stand together, we can make a change!”

The more amusing part about Mr. Obama is the fact that he equates the DNC with the Labor movement found in British Commonwealths.

The idea behind the labor movement is that you don’t walk alone. You’re not by yourself. And each of us are vulnerable by ourselves. Each of us are subject to tragedy and disaster

There’s something very sinister about this to me, because the Labour Party is wholly and entirely made up of Socialists. The Democratic party has been fighting the Socialist stigma for years, yet Mr. Obama comes back with this sort of dialogue?

Socialism believes in Ministry Owned Enterprises and Government Owned Entities. Socialism requires that all workers pull together for the common good. as it insues that everyone is compensated no matter their input to a job. Socialism is what happened to Himmler, and even worse, Hitler.

Socialism = Bad.

Democracy = Good.

Hundreds of other countries already know this.

Why don’t we?

Maybe we should round up all the Canadians and put them into concentration camps just because they’re Canadian. It’s not like they actually contribute to anything but the Florida economy anyway, so who would notice?


Asshat of the Day: Tommy Salter

November 8th, 2007 at 12:34 pm by Sam
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On August 18th, 24-year-old Tommy Salter decided to celebrate his college graduation at the Fort Walton Beach, FL strip club, Club 10. From all appearaces it was quite the party.

Tommy was in good spirits.

$53,000 worth of spirits (and club cash) to be exact.

As irresponsible children do, Tommy called American Express to cancel the charges. AmEx sided with the club.

Tommy then asked his father, Joe Salter, for help. However, instead of chastising young Tommy for irresponsibly spending $53,000 in a tawdry topless bar, the senior Salter assists in suing the strip club, and having them investigated for fraud and forgery, in addition to larceny.

Investigation showed that $39,000 in charges came after the 4AM last call, however, each of those receipts were signed, and itemized bills were initialed, by the younger Salter. His father, of course, says that those signatures and initials are just “scribbles,” and that since they were signed after last call, it proves that Club 10 was illegally selling alcohol after last call.

Any rational, thinking person would be skeptical of that. The club’s policy is that any bottle of champagne (priced between $150 and $2000) requires a separate receipt, and most people do pay at last call. However, even with that, the club has gone out of its way, even offering to refund those $39,000 in charges which came after 4AM.

I suppose it just hasn’t sunk in with dear ol’ dad that Tommy Boy was smashed and is trying his damndest to get out of paying his bills.

Can you say “Buyer’s Remorse,” boys and girls?

I knew you could.